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Ryan J

4 Score

Amagon NES Review – Never trust wildlife

Everyone has that game that you just vaguely remember renting or playing as a kid,  You didn't play it a lot, but just enough to form a very low ...
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9 Score

Blades of Steel NES Review – FIGHT!

As someone who played ice hockey for a number of years, I have a certain affinity for this sort of game.  Similarly, I played the hell out of Ice ...
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Super Ghouls N Ghosts box art
8 Score

Super Ghouls’n Ghosts SNES Review – Controller Genocide, Round 2

Video game franchises are typically known for certain things.  The Metroid and Castlevania games are known for their non-linear gameplay and ...
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10NES lockout chip

10NES Lockout Chip Basics

In order to try to control the quality of the games being produced for the NES, Nintendo needed to devised a method to ensure that they would have ...
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Micro Machines NES Box Art
8 Score

Micro Machines NES Review – The Smaller They Are, The Better They Are!

Nintendo was notorious for the control they exerted over their game developers in the cartridge days, and in the NES it was due to the inclusion of ...
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N64 Remix Concepts

With NES Remix out now, I thought the time was ripe to suggest some options for other consoles that Nintendo could remix. Behold, N64 Remix!
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7 Score

NES Remix Wii U Review – Teaching old games new tricks

In a surprise announcement during yesterday's Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that not only was Nintendo putting together a collection of mini-g...
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NES Remix coming to Wii U

In the latest Nintendo direct, Iwata had a surprise announcement in the form of NES Remix for the Wii U!  It will be a collection of different ...
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