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8 Score

Super Smash Bros. N64 Review – Nintendo Beat-down Spectacular

Sure, Street Fighter 2 was great and a blast to play in arcades.  Soul Calibur was also a phenomenal game, with tight mechanics and intense ...
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4 Score

Rampage 2: Universal Tour N64 Review – An Exercise in Monotany

When companies have large back catalogs of games, it can make sense to freshen them up and re-release them to an audience that may not have been ...
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Perfect Dark N64 Box Art
9 Score

Perfect Dark N64 Review – Review a Great Game Day

This review is about one of my favorite games, and one of the most overshadowed.  Ask people to name 3 games on the N64, and invariably one of ...
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8 Score

F-Zero X N64 Review – Faster than cheese through my dog

According to the manual, the F-Zero Grand Prix was canceled due to the inherent danger of racing at 1000 km/h and the numerous accidents that ...
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7.5 Score

Gauntlet Legends N64 Review – Why 4 Controllers were Better than 2

Before I knew what Diablo II was, I knew about Gauntlet Legends.  This is the game that basically introduced me to the hack'n slash genre - ...
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