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Super Ghouls N Ghosts box art
8 Score

Super Ghouls’n Ghosts SNES Review – Controller Genocide, Round 2

Video game franchises are typically known for certain things.  The Metroid and Castlevania games are known for their non-linear gameplay and ...
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9 Score

Life Force NES Review – Fantastic Voyage: Zelos Edition

First, let's get some naming conventions out of the way.  Salamander was the Japanese arcade game that was ported to the NES as Life Force. ...
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9 Score

Super C NES Review – Finally, a decent flamethrower!

Guess what maggot?  Think you've got Contra down with your precious 30-life Konami Code??  Well, it's time to try it again, this time with only ...
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6 Score

BurgerTime NES Review – Where’s the Animal Style option?

Apparently, there is a race of giants who prefer their burgers made by a small tiny man who rubs his filthy little feet across every ingredient in ...
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4 Score

Rampage 2: Universal Tour N64 Review – An Exercise in Monotany

When companies have large back catalogs of games, it can make sense to freshen them up and re-release them to an audience that may not have been ...
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3 Score

Pinball NES Review – Mediocre variety, mediocre fun!

The most interesting part of reviewing this game, is it is decidedly older than I am.  Having been initially released in 1983 for the Famicom, ...
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7 Score

Gradius III SNES Review – Yes, even the SNES has sprite limitations

Sometimes you design things to push the limit of your hardware even when you know it affects gameplay.  Then sometimes, you make a sequel and even ...
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7.5 Score

Gauntlet Legends N64 Review – Why 4 Controllers were Better than 2

Before I knew what Diablo II was, I knew about Gauntlet Legends.  This is the game that basically introduced me to the hack'n slash genre - ...
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