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7 Score

NES Remix Wii U Review – Teaching old games new tricks

In a surprise announcement during yesterday's Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that not only was Nintendo putting together a collection of mini-g...
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NES Remix coming to Wii U

In the latest Nintendo direct, Iwata had a surprise announcement in the form of NES Remix for the Wii U!  It will be a collection of different ...
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8 Score

Super Smash Bros. N64 Review – Nintendo Beat-down Spectacular

Sure, Street Fighter 2 was great and a blast to play in arcades.  Soul Calibur was also a phenomenal game, with tight mechanics and intense ...
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10 Score

Super Mario Brothers 3 NES Review – Perfection in 8-bit form

Few game franchises can trace back to a single game that resulted in so many lasting changes to the series as Super Mario Brothers 3.  It repres...
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Super Mario Bros. 2 NES Review – Guest Review at

  Well, sort of!  I was invited to do a guest review at, and I decided that was a good opportunity to ...
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The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide (1987) Review – Now THAT’s a Player’s Guide

Back in the 8-bit days, Nintendo did Player's Guides right.  Unlike a modern game guide that covers only ONE game, this thing covers EVERY Nint...
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