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Perfect Dark N64 Box Art
9 Score

Perfect Dark N64 Review – Review a Great Game Day

This review is about one of my favorite games, and one of the most overshadowed.  Ask people to name 3 games on the N64, and invariably one of ...
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4 Score

Slalom NES Review – The best ‘ass-graphics’ for the NES

Here we are, continuing the early NES trend of digital controls trying to be shoehorned into an analog problem, although Slalom manages better than ...
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Captain Skyhawk NES Review – The original barrel roll simulator

[INSERT KENNY LOGGINS MUSIC HERE]  Seriously, this game is almost more Top Gun than the Top Gun NES game.  You pilot an advanced F-14VTS fighter ...
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R.C. Pro-Am NES Review – Finally, a good racer for the NES

The funny thing is, I had a decent remote control car as a kid.  One would hope that would translate into some, vague ability to control a ...
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