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10NES lockout chip

10NES Lockout Chip Basics

In order to try to control the quality of the games being produced for the NES, Nintendo needed to devised a method to ensure that they would have ...
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NES Motherboard Identification

After it's first release, the NES went through a number of revisions to its motherboard.  The most notable of these changes were based on increa...
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Accessing the NES Motherboard

There are a number of reasons you might want to access the motherboard on your NES-001 console.  You might be getting a solid color screen on ...
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Bare NES game cart PCB

NES Cartridge Battery Replacement with CR2032 Socket

So, you've got a beloved game cart, maybe your original Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy, and all of the sudden, your childhood save games are ...
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NES Cartridge Cleaning – Everything you knew as a child was wrong

So, this was motivated because I ordered a lot of 8 NES games on eBay, and only 1 of the 8 worked in my NES, and only intermittently ("tested and ...
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