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9 Score

Life Force NES Review – Fantastic Voyage: Zelos Edition

First, let's get some naming conventions out of the way.  Salamander was the Japanese arcade game that was ported to the NES as Life Force. ...
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7 Score

Gradius III SNES Review – Yes, even the SNES has sprite limitations

Sometimes you design things to push the limit of your hardware even when you know it affects gameplay.  Then sometimes, you make a sequel and even ...
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Gradius NES Review – The game that birthed the Konami code

Am I the only one who can't get over how much the side profile of the Vic Viper looks like the Vipers from Battlestar Galactica?  I can't find any ...
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Sky Shark NES Review – “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and a perpetual stream of bullets”

The manual for Sky Shark states, "Beware of heavy ground attack from artillery and tanks."  If the Nazi tanks our taking out our fighters, ...
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