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9 Score

Blades of Steel NES Review – FIGHT!

As someone who played ice hockey for a number of years, I have a certain affinity for this sort of game.  Similarly, I played the hell out of Ice ...
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3 Score

Golf NES Review – Not exactly a hole in one for the NES

Just like Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge, this is one of those games that makes you incredibly happy you didn't play $50 for it back in the mid ...
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Excitebike NES Review – It’s kind of like Trials, but with 1000% more pixelation

Oh, Official Nintendo Player's Guide, you are so silly: "The techniques used for super jumps, wheelies and blocks are almost the same as those used ...
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6 Score

Ice Hockey NES Review – Only slightly less political than Rush’n Attack

With the frequency that the NHL likes to go into lockout (3 times in just 19 years), it's good to have options around to satisfy that hockey itch. ...
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4 Score

Slalom NES Review – The best ‘ass-graphics’ for the NES

Here we are, continuing the early NES trend of digital controls trying to be shoehorned into an analog problem, although Slalom manages better than ...
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